New product

Effect:  A spectator secretly writes a number (1 to 52), on the back of your business card (or simply thinks of a number).  The number is not forced nor shown to anyone. 

A second spectator selects and remembers a card, which is replaced in the deck.  The deck is shuffled, then ribbon spread, face down, on the table.  The magician removes two face down cards from the spread.  One card, he says,”will represent the suit of the selected card, the other, the value.” 

Upon turning the cards face up, they do indeed indicate the value and suit of the selected card. The magician then counts to the number written on the back of his business card and the card at that number is the selected card.

The above is only one of the effects contained within the seven page booklet that accompanies this remarkable deck.

Many more are possible, such as:

  • Your Card Your Number
  • Marked Rescue
  • The Hermit Dreams
  • Two Card Prediction
  • Card Stab
  • and many others