New product

Basic effect: Three black plastic plax, each containing two designs, letters and or numbers, one on each side, are mixed by a spectator, while your back is turned. Now one of the plax is covered. 

When you turn to face the spectator, you are able to tell which design, letter or number is uppermost on the covered plax.  This basic effect is repeated a second time, and again you are successful. 

Finally, you place the plax into envelopes and again allow the spectator to mix them and cover one.  This time you not only know the designs (etc.) on the covered plax, you also know which design is up and which is down. You can repeat the third phase, this time predicting the selected envelope and the orientation of the plax inside.


Using two plax, you can present a mini slate routine.  Now you can perform the classic slate routine without using big bulky slates. Everything fits conveniently in your pocket.

You receive:

  • Four Black Opaque Plax
  • Three Envelopes
  • One White Grease Pencil
  • One Black Fabric Carry Case
  • One Pair of Dice
  • and Routines