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Basic Effect: The performer spreads the face of a deck of standard ESP cards to the audience commenting about the symbols and their use in paranormal research. The cards are handed out to three different audience members who are asked to mix their cards. A fourth member collects the shuffled cards in any order they wish.

While your back is turned, the fourth spectator now deals eight cards face down onto the table. He is free to deal from the top or turn the cards face up and deal from the face. The remainder of the cards are set aside. You now name each card in the stack held by the fourth spectator.

Many variations are possible and we include several tested routines including a drawing duplication ending and prediction envelope climax. Can be used as a long distance telephone test and can easily be adapted to a two person mental presentation. Easy to do!

This mental masterpiece includes a deck of ESP cards, instructions, Larry White''s routine and presentation, plus Dan Tong''s tips and handling suggestions.

Limited Supply!